Aerangis - Exquisite African Orchids to discover, identify and grow, is available now! Order your copy today.
Aerangis - Exquisite African Orchids to discover, identify and grow

Timber Press is proud to announce the publication of the definitive book on Aerangis. Written by African Orchid expert Isobyl la Croix and published to coincide with the World Orchid Congress in September 2014. Register now and be eligible to buy the book at a special pre-publication price.

Aerangis is published with the generous support of the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust
The first book devoted to the 58 species of the genus Aerangis

About the book

  • Discover these exquisite plants with an expert author who has a lifetime’s knowledge of their growth and habitat

  • Identify plants from a botanical key to all the species, extensive notes, 150 colour photographs in situ and in cultivation and 50 drawings

  • Cultivate these elegant plants at home following the author’s practical advice on their requirements

  • Conserve Aerangis for future generations by joining other orchid lovers in helping catalogue and propagate these important orchids

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Isobyl la Croix

Isobyl la Croix trained as a botanist at the University of Edinburgh and is a Research Associate of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. She and her husband spent 17 years in Africa where she developed a deep passion for tropical orchids. After her return to the United Kingdom, Isobyl edited The Orchid Review for many years and worked on the orchid volumes of Flora Zambesiaca. She is also author of The New Encyclopedia of Orchids published by Timber Press.

Isobyl tells us why she was inspired to write on Aerangis